Stylish Storage

There is no such thing as too much storage. Children come with an abundance of toys, games and gadgets, so clever storage units are the ultimate way to stylishly tidy away all that stuff and keep chaos at bay. Our exclusive, hugely versatile, mix-and-match range of Brighton Storage Furniture by Aspace is designed with longevity in mind; forget flimsy storage solutions, these practical storage units are certain to last an entire childhood. Each comes with shelves and a useful bottom drawer. The unit itself comes in white but the drawer fronts can be customised to suit your own decor scheme. Simply pick your colour preference by selecting from the colour menu – choose from white, lime, red, blue or pink. You can even mix and match colours to suit your own style. Go one step further and open the door to creativity, by opting for our unit with the blackboard cupboard door. The door can be positioned on either the left or right hand side of the unit – your choice! Invest in one of these functional storage units for your child’s bedroom or playroom and you’ll never look back. The Aspace range is exclusive to NEST in South Africa, so you won’t find it anywhere else!

Contact: Nest Furniture


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