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Bedrooms Jan 16, 2022

Sleep Sharpens Your Mind.

A bad night’s sleep makes the following day quite a drag. It’s likely a day when we’ll overreact and act completely out of character. We’re only human. Dial•a•Bed’s #SleepForLife approach is focused on how to get the best possible sleep, every night, for razor sharp alertness, every day.


Why would you sleep for success?

It sounds like a pipedream. Who spends more time sleeping if they really want to get ahead? “That’s where we often get the wrong side of what it means to be productive,” says sleep scientist Dr Dale Rae. “It’s not necessarily the amount of time we spend perfecting what we do. It’s about the quality of focus, and uninterrupted concentration, that we apply to our waking day.”

What’s the secret to the best sleep?

“Factor in sleep as a key priority,” advises Dr Rae. “Think of it as one of your most important, daily routines.” By this Dr Rae equates optimal sleep with, say, maintaining a level of fitness, or honing a technical skill. Sleep is not just something that happens to us. Quality sleep is an active choice and discipline.

How do I know if I’m getting the right sleep?

There is something Dr Rae calls a “sleep sweet spot”. It’s a process of getting to understand your natural sleep rhythm, or chronotype. Pay attention to when your body naturally prefers to sleep and wake up. Simplify your bedroom environment to be a soothing and restful space. Consider if you are getting the right amount of comfort and support in your mattress. When you wake up feeling completely rested and full of energy, that’s when you know you’ve hit the spot!

A big day needs even bigger sleep.

 Clarity and concentration will come less from a sense of urgency and more from a calmer, more centred sense of self. Planning ahead, and absolutely factoring your sleep into that plan, is what contributes to sharper thinking and a well-calibrated mood.

Success starts at Dial•a•Bed.

Afford yourself the very best comfort and support from South Africa’s largest branded bedding store. Pop in to your nearest Dial•a•Bed and take the Sleep Station test. If you are doing everything you can to get the right kind of sleep, but just not finding your “sleep sweet spot”, why not check in with Dr Rae’s team at www.sleepscience.co.za. When you sleep better, you definitely live better.



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