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Aug 31, 2015

Shared Bedroom

Children’s rooms are often shared. A shared bedroom  space can result in a happy union between two siblings but if not planned carefully, it can also prove to be a great source of conflict. Whether you are planning for young children, pre-teens or teens to share a bedroom or facing the bigger hurdle of children of different ages sharing, it is important to follow some simple ground rules to ensure that the combined bedroom concept will work from the outset. Start by taking the needs of both children into consideration. Children’s bedrooms must provide comfortable areas for sleeping, relaxing, playing and studying. It is also essential that there is plenty of easily accessible storage space for containing clutter, so surfaces stay neat. Children grow up fast, so it is really important that you plan carefully and spend wisely when it comes to decorating a room for them. Try to create a space that will keep pace with their development. By tweaking along the way, the scheme you choose should allow flexibility to change from cot to college. If you want a look that has some longevity, then do away with a theme. Rather pick a cohesive look that works together. Choose nightstands, desks and bedsteads equipped with cubbies, drawers and shelves that can hold everything from sport and leisure gear to study supplies. Shared-Spaces-Nest-Design-Parker-Bunk-Bed-Modern-Shared-Spaces-Acacia-finish-boys-and-girls-storage Often a home’s smallest bedroom is assigned to the youngest members of the family. When designing a small shared space, it is important to consider furnishings that offer the potential to maximize the minimal. If you have two-like minded siblings sharing, then a bunk bed could be the answer. A bunk bed is one of the oldest space-savers and with new, state-of-the-art designs being launched by the market leaders annually, it still remains one of the best! Bunk beds with integrated storage take advantage of vertical space, leaving more floor area open for play and study. At NEST, the best selling Parker Bunk Bed (available in two finishes) is fitted with built-in shelves with integral reversible fascia. The boards are blue on one side and pink on the other, so you can choose the look you prefer to suit your own arrangement. These storage shelves are perfect for helping to customize each child’s sleeping area. Children are natural collectors, so a creative shelving solution that makes use of the empty stretch of wall above each bunk will allow maximum versatility as the interests of each child changes. Decorate the room in neutral tones and allow each child’s personality to run free with a personalised display. Choose bedding that coordinates and reflects each child’s personal style. Shared-Spaces_-Parker-Bunk-Bed- When planning a shared room, safety considerations are also paramount. If a toddler is sharing with an older child then sleeping quarters can be allocated by age, with the older child on the top bunk and the toddler safely below. All NEST Bunk Beds are tested and conform to British and European safety/quality standards (BS EN747) plus they also come with a 2 year product guarantee (frames and wood furniture). If extra space for sleepovers is required then consider a bunk bed with a pull-out trundle. The Anderson Bunk Bed from NEST includes a matching pull-out under-bed truckle which can also be used as a handy storage drawer, if an overnight guest is not expected. This bunk bed is available in two finishes and also has reversible shelving fascias: pale pink fronts with light brown backs, making it suitable for either a boy or girl. When space comes at a premium you need to make sure that every piece of furniture warrants the space it occupies. NEST’s stylish Ellio Bunk Bed certainly isn’t short of innovative selling features! The beds are off set, as opposed to falling directly in line – one above the other. An integrated cupboard and bedside table at one end acts as support and storage. There is also a hanging rail and additional shelf. A drawer underneath the bed provides even more space to tidy away games, toys, clothes or bedding. With heaps of storage space to keep important things close this bunk bed is a highly desirable option for youngsters and parents alike. The latest addition to the Bunk Bed range at NEST also solves several problems. The company’s solid wood, great value Classic Bunk Bed combines simple, timeless design with sturdy structure. The main selling point is its reversible ladder – to work with your room layout, when you assemble the product, you can choose whether you want the ladder section on the left side or right side. It also has the ability to easily convert into two full size single beds. Choose either an under bed trundle for sleepovers or last minute guests or a pair of underbed drawers for extra storage. Plenty of families have two or more children and do not have the space to give each one of them a separate room. There are so many interesting ideas and tips out there plus a wide range of stylish, innovative, functional beds and storage systems available to assist and help you to plan correctly and provide enough personal space for each child. A combined bedroom can work and at the same time will also teach children some valuable life lessons. Their own private space should become a strong memory for them! Visit:

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