Revamping a boy’s bedroom

Are you thinking about revamping a boy’s bedroom? Here are some ideas from NEST Designs to inspire you. Because children grow up so quickly, it’s a good idea to plan a room carefully so that the décor develops as fast as they do. By making little changes along the way, a decorating scheme can allow for flexibility to transition – for example, moving from cot to a single bed to a double. If you want a look that has longevity then do away with a set theme. Instead, pick a cohesive look that works together. Blue remains a timeless choice; delicious inky blues are both classic and modern, and will add a calm, soothing atmosphere to any space. Plus, blue pairs well with almost any other colour. If following current trends isn’t your cup of tea, bear in mind that even the edgiest of designs are often based on classic motifs. It is possible to bring an on-trend colour into a space without having to replace everything in the entire room. Introduce splashes of blue with accent items and accessories such as rugs, task lamps, bedding and the occasional piece of furniture. When it comes to patterns, bold strips and checks work best but if you want to be adventurous. For the bold at heart, consider over-sized op-art designs too. You can also welcome a new energy into the room by decorating with a pop of colour in an unexpected place, such as a ceiling, a feature wall, inside a bookshelf or on a few cupboards. Painting a feature wall blue will definitely make a huge statement. Or combine this azure-look with bright white and your favourite neutrals like soft greys and natural woods. Natural wooden materials and painted white furniture pieces have an everlasting beauty that will enhance any interior well past 2015; so if you plan on utilising furniture in these finishes then an eye-catching, darker accent wall will be a perfect way to help make these pieces stand out. Add a punch of colour by pairing blue with fire engine red to help make the space feel warm and inviting. Apart from the company’s exclusive furniture ranges, the current Nest Designs collection also features a variety of unique, clever storage solutions that work well with this look and might give you a head start on creating an organised dream space – one where everything has its place! And remember, the key to updating a room with the latest trends is about finding a balance. So make it personal and remember to keep it practical and in line with your child’s needs, lifestyle and personality




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