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Bedrooms Mar 28, 2021

Mattress Warehouse: Wave Goodbye To Cold, Impersonal Bedrooms

Are you dreaming of a beautiful bedroom that is both warm and cosy for the winter months? The Mattress Warehouse is your go-to source of inspiration. Wave goodbye to cold, impersonal bedrooms with a beautiful new bed and their latest range of duvet inners – perfect for the winter season ahead.

Each month, The Mattress Warehouse has a wide selection of beds on sale. Here you will find all of those bed brands that have become widely famous for their quality and for their durability. When you are looking to replace your bed with one of those from The Mattress Warehouse, your starting point should be at this helpful section of their website.

The Mattress Warehouse stocks the world’s favourite bed brands giving everyone the opportunity to get the bed that they really need, rather than having to settle for a bed. When browsing through the selection of beds that are on sale, you will find a variety of brands such as Fabbro, Rest Assured, Cloud Nine, Genessi and Sealy Beds.

These beds come in many different styles and sizes to suit your unique sleeping needs and your bedroom layout. If you need some help deciding what bed size is perfect for you, take a look at The Mattress Warehouse bed size guide.

Linenhouse Duvet Inners

Wrap yourself up this winter in the luxurious Linenhouse Deco Duvet Inner (White). Made from durable fabrics such as the polyester cover and fill, this duvet inner ensures warmth without weight. The Deco Duvet Inner will provide your winter nights with cosiness and your summer nights with that desired coolness. The microfibre filling wards off dust particles and bacteria, as well as the growth of mould. Therefore, resulting in the enjoyment of an allergy-free night’s rest. Conveniently, this product is also machine washable.

Product Care:
This product requires to be aired out well, before use. Make sure to use a mild detergent when laundering the duvet inner in a gentle machine wash. No need to bleach, soak or wring. For the best results, line dry flat. All in aid of a hassle-free cleaning experience, there’s also no need to tumble dry, iron or dry clean this product.

Get your bedroom winter-ready. Wave goodbye to cold, impersonal bedrooms and find the right bed and linen at The Mattress Warehouse.

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