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“Growing up, my closet was an absolute mess. I basically shoved as many shirts as I could and paid no attention to how the space looked or made me feel. I’d rarely clean it out (because the more clothes the better, right?!) and didn’t think much of it. Then in college, I went to a friend’s house and saw her closet for the first time. To say that it was a life-changing moment is an understatement—her closet was organised, simple, and it had the most relaxing energy. That might sound crazy, I get it, but experiencing a closet like that made me rush home to fix mine for good. Now, my closet is one of my favourite spots in the house, and not just because it’s full of fashion.” – Because I’m Addicted

Here’s what I took away from her seriously inspiring closet and stick to 10 years later:

Shoes need their own spot Before my closet facelift, I used to toss my shoes on the floor under my clothes. It honestly stresses me out to even think about it now, but a shoe rack (or racks) is imperative. I have one on the back of my door for everyday shoes – sneakers, booties, sandals – and then keep anything larger or more expensive – nice heels, rain boots, tall boots – on their own shelf. I can admire them all, and each pair has a designated place to be stored (so zen!) – plus, they don’t get ruined from being smushed on the floor. Hangers matter My friend had nice hangers which she swore made a difference, so I splurged. I pulled together leftover money from my college job and bought beautiful, quality hangers. Clothes don’t constantly fall off, and these relieve any dents that you’d get from the cheap ones. Plus, the look of the same hanger throughout is part of the calm vibe my closet was in desperate need of. You’re looking at your closet every single day, so why not make it appealing to the eye? Organization is key I still blame my friend for my closet-OCDness, but I now keep everything colour-coordinated and in sections (yes, I’m that girl). White tanks are followed by white short-sleeves followed by white long-sleeves, and so on. My jeans are hung together in their own space, as are my dresses. It’s detailed, but beyond worth it to know where everything is. Seasons change things Before the life-changing closet haul, I was keeping my winter coats next to summer dresses which turned out to be a big, messy mistake. I now store away seasonal clothes when it’s not that time of year. I store flat bins for smaller items in the garage and keep winter coats in the hall closet when it’s hot out. I understand not everyone has room for this, but keeping only what you’ll wear in the next month or two in your closet seriously changes life, so find a way to manage this! Less is more And finally, the most important part: getting rid of old clothes or things that don’t – and will never! – fit. Even if you have a large closet (which I don’t), you don’t need to fill it. Not only is my closet kept to a minimalistic, streamlined state, but I also make good money selling clothes once I’m over them. Donating the rest makes me feel great, so it’s basically a win all around. I go through my closet every couple months to assess whether I’ve worn something in the last six months. If not and it’s not getting packed away, I say goodbye! If getting rid of stuff is hard for you, read ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing‘ by Marie Kondo for inspiration.

First published on Because I’m Addicted


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