Loads Of Living: Ceramics & glassware

Wherever you go lately, people are presenting their series of ceramic and glass inspired works. The creators behind beautifully made designs are showcasing at galleries, craft markets, locally combined collectives and in retail. They see the need to bring forth their ideas and shapes to audiences who really cherish and understand the process behind the production and aesthetic of each item. Loads of Living knows the value in well crafted products that add to the design and decor of your home and office, which is why they are bringing you the best items directly to their store. Offering vases, bowls, trays and candle holders, their collection is comprised of items that can easily be placed in your space or gifted to companions who enjoy and admire this kind of work too. Our favourite of this collection has to be the hourglass shape with metal waist vase: with a soft shape and curve in its top and bottom, it looks like the perfect accessory for the dining or kitchen table.

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