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Bedrooms Apr 14, 2022

Mohair Millshop: Ethical & Local Mohair Products You’ll Love

Meet Denys Hobson, the founder of Cape Mohair/The Mohair Mill Shop and entrepreneur extraordinaire. Through sheer hard work and dedication over the past 25 years, Denys has built up a proudly South African business that now employs 135 movers and shakers. He knows every staff member by name. His passion for both the angora goats and the mohair fibre has helped place South Africa on the map as one of the top quality mohair producers in the world.



Why Mohair?

Mohair’s high quality sheen and exceptional natural properties firmly establish it as one of the world’s most luxurious fibres. But it’s real value lies in the fact that it’s made up of sustainable natural fibres that are a renewable resource. The Mohair production process is a synergistic relationship between both the goats and humans, making it a sustainable, ethical farming practice.

What makes Mohair socks so special?

These mohair socks by Cpae Mohair are ideal for hiking and adventure sport. The mohair is expertly woven into the sock to ensure that your feet stay dry throughout the day, as the moisture is carried along the vein of the mohair fibre and out through the pores. The smooth natural fibres also help to protect the foot from chafing and blisters. So if you’ve got an exciting adventure planned, then make sure you don’t leave home without a pair of these expertly designed socks.

Mohair blankets

Cape Mohair’s products are durable and long-lasting and can last a lifetime provided that they’re cared for properly. Their mohair blankets are a true spoil. Follow these care instructions and your mohair blankets can be passed down from generation to generation.

  • Mohair does not retain dirt. Only when you have spilled something on it would we recommend washing mohair.
  • As such, it is important to remember to dry clean your mohair blankets only.
  • Store your blankets in a cool, dry place and on a flat surface.
  • Do not hang your mohair blankets and do not store them in plastic.
  • When storing your blanket, it’s best to place it in a bag made of natural fibre so that it can be protected from the elements while still being able to ‘breathe’.

Did you know that South Africa produces approximately half the world’s mohair, making us the largest producer of mohair in the world! These high breeding standards and strict farming practices help us to supply the finest mohair in the world. Mohair Mill Shop is a proudly South African brand, and they source all Mohair products locally from trusted, ethical farmers.

At the Mohair Millshop, you will find mohair socks, blankets, scarves, sheep skin slippers, wool and mohair knitting yarn, cotton linen and natural gifts. All of these are available online. Here, all mohair products are ethically sourced and locally made in South Africa.



Contact: Mohair Mill Shop 

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