Linen Drawer: Festive gift ideas

If you are looking for something special, different and innovative this festive season special, Linen Drawer has an assortment of items that really stand out.


The perfect small gift is their Linen Scents: a small Lavender filled bag which can be tucked into a linen cupboard, under a pillow, in a drawer or anywhere that the scent can spread and freshen the environment. The pillowcases come with the option of personalising them with embroidery.  This set of pillowcases is a lovely gift for special friends or loved ones. Have a look at their beautiful embroidery rhymes, monograms and embroidery designs, or use your own design to create a really special gift. Their 100% pure Egyptian Cotton gown, made for summer, is luxuriously soft and comfortable, are unisex and generously sized. They can be satin stitched and embroidered to personalise as a special gift. All their products are suitable for gifts, but some products stand out as the perfect gifts for family members, loved ones, colleagues, and friends. We think all of them are great ideas for gifts, have just the right amount of sentiment and practicality and can be used for years to come.

Add Satin stitching in any colour of the rainbow to your personalised pillowcases for a truly special gift
    Christmas and the holiday season is often characterised by entertaining guests, friends, family and loved ones.  A thoughtful gift of beautiful table linen can be appreciated for years to come!  At Linen Drawer we have two ranges of table linen:  Bayede! is a bright, vibrant African inspired range, while Linen Drawer Designer Tabling is contemporary, stylish and timeless.
If you have relatives or friends who feel the cold, or like outdoor entertaining, then the travel rugs in the Hinterveld and Horizon Throws ranges are perfect gifts.  Hinterveld products are made in South Africa from mohair and supremely soft, light and warm.  Horizon Throws are 100% cotton and knitted in South Africa, they are the perfect summer throw, and come in wonderful colours. Looking for that practical yet beautiful gift?  Look at our 100% Pure Linen range.  Our bedding in pure Linen as well as scatter cushion covers can all be personalised with embroidery or satin stitching or hemstitching.  We can easily make your ideas take beautiful shape and our team of experts is here to help you Contact: Linen Drawer


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