Hinterveld blankets partners up with Mercedes Benz

A very pleased Wikus Loots (dealer principle Mercedes-Benz at Maritime Motors) and Ivo van Keirsblick (sales manager at Mercedes-Benz South Africa) received the first “Welcome Gifts” from Mercedes-Benz – a pure luxury mohair blanket supplied by Hinterveld. These blankets are ‘with complements’ on all deliveries of luxury segment M and S class vehicles. Hinterveld supplies the blankets with special packaging to MBSA, and the blankets are then distributed to all Mercedes Benz dealerships throughout South Africa as a ‘Thank You’ for customer loyalty and support. Ever think about how memories are made? Memories are made from our fondest thoughts in times of laughter, happiness and joy. That is why Hinterveld will always keep special memories for you by keeping you filled with warmth and happiness. This passionate philosophy imbues Hinterveld’s luxurious premium ranges of Mohair blankets, scarves and throws with beauty, integrity and the softest warmth.

Pure Luxury1

Contact: www.hinterveld.com


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