Hastens Auroria

Hästens is proud to present Auroria; designed to make your mornings considerably more beautiful. Inspired by the morning light, the brand’s all-new sleeping solution improves your night of rest with its stable base, wooden frame and a 13 cm bonell spring system providing the perfect foundation for comfort. Then, there’s the mattress. Featuring a 15 cm pocket spring system with a layer of genuine horsehair on each side, as well as several soft layers of premium cotton and wool, it boasts an elusive stability and comfort that can’t be found anywhere else. And, as an extra touch of elegance, the name and firmness of the bed is embroidered on top. The bed is built by hand, by highly skilled craftsmen, ensuring the highest quality. As with all the company’s new continental beds, the wool and cotton in Hastens Auroria have been upgraded to an even higher quality, allowing you to enjoy a softer touch and better support than ever before. So if you’ve never owned a Hastens bed – now is the time. After all, we are now at the dawn of a new era. An era Hästens calls Auroria.


Visit: www.hastens.com/en-za



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