Hall Collection: Declutter your linen cupboards

The Hall Collection came about when founder Debbie Hall noticed how little attention people were paying to their bedrooms and to sleep. Debbie is convinced that a good nights sleep leads to a good day and inspires her clients to pay at least as much attention to their bedrooms as they would to any other part of their homes. Debbie takes the same approach to linen as she does bedrooms. She believes that the linen cupboard should be decluttered as often as possible.

Here are some top tips to declutter your linen cupboards:

  1. Empty the cupboard completely 

An extreme clutter situation calls for extreme measures. It’s actually a really important part of the process. It’s very difficult to declutter using the “subtraction” method, because when our basic assumption is that we’re just getting rid of a few items here and there, we have a tendency to never subtract enough. When you start with a completely blank slate, the emphasis shifts. The assumption is that it’s all going. You only add back in what you genuinely love or will actually use. 2. Sort and purge

  1. Excess sheets. You don’t need more than 2-3 sets per bed.
  2. Old towels.
  3. Unused table linen.
  4. Anything stained or holey.
  5. Kids hooded towels or baby towels that they’ve grown out of.
  6. Baby quilts.
  7. Crocheted doilies or anything that is not your style.
  8. Extra pillows. Get rid of any that are lumpy, thin, stained or uncomfortable. If you wouldn’t give it to a guest or use it yourself, why are you keeping it?
  9. Old quilt covers that you’ve hung onto since upgrading to a new one.
  10. Too many extra blankets. If it’s freezing, you’ll use the heating anyway.

3. Group similar items together  As you put things back away, have a think about logical “zones” for your items. A linen cupboard has to hold a lot of non-linen storage items as well. It’s a place for towels and sheets, but also cleaning supplies, beach bags, toilet paper, party supplies and more. Group them together to make functional sense. 4. Use baskets to store properly This is especially helpful when it comes to items that are hard to stack neatly, such as small washers. If your piles are always toppling and in disarray, give them a dedicated container. 5. Make it pretty Totally optional, but some people find that they take more pride in an area that actually looks nice. If it’s pretty, you want to keep it that way and don’t want it ending up a disorganised mess all over again. You can use a patterned paper to fit into the shelves, which gives the cupboard an instant lift.  

  Tips first published on A House Full of Sunshine Contact: The  Hall Collection


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