Gift Guide: Nest Designs

Belinda Mc Call and Vanessa Gibson  from Nest Designs presents their best online sellers this season. All the products are exclusive to NEST in South Africa, so you won’t find them anywhere else. When Belinda McCall and Vanessa Gibson founded NEST in 2009, their vision was to give South Africa’s families fresh, functional and contemporary ways to furnish a home. So they started with the kids, and created groundbreaking ranges of furniture and storage solutions for the nursery and beyond. And to go with it, there is now an ever-increasing range of accessories, as well as hard-to-find toys and other nifty stuff that will look good and do the job without fuss for years to come. Their guiding philosophy is based on four indispensable principles: exclusivity, innovation, functionality and great quality. NEST believes children can flourish without forsaking the style of the family home. As well as being useful for kids their products are always sturdy, stylish, imaginative and practical. Their ultimate goal is to bring order and a fresh, contemporary aesthetic to the family home by offering a range of exceptional products that are also exclusive. Shopping Guide at Nest Design:


1. BoxKart, Natural 2. High Tea Shape Matching – 3. Little Chef’s Kitchen – 4. Picnic Tea Set – 5. “Bramble The Elf” Toadstool Night Light, Red – 6. Fire Engine Set – 7. Non-stick Cookware Set, Red



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