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Bedrooms Nov 1, 2021

The French Bedroom Edit With Classic Revivals

Classic french style is timeless, bold, and empowering, especially in the bedroom. Achieving a french chic interior will not only elevate your room but help you create a classic look that won’t easily fade. Here are a few top ideas to help you get that french-inspired feel in your bedroom.


The four-poster bed

The symbol of opulence and luxury, a four-poster bed makes a grand statement in a large bedroom. It is more than a focal point but a grounding piece of furniture that anchors the entire room. Its grand appearance is unsurpassed and will surely add a sophisticated design style to your french-inspired interior. What to look for? Solid wood, curved lines, and large pillars. This encompasses the beauty and presence of the four-poster bed.

Vintage flair

French-style is romantic and intriguing. It captures the gaze with old-world charm and beautiful curves. To achieve this look, invest in quality vintage pieces to bring the scheme to life. Dark wood is a timeless classic here but look for aged wood and vintage ambience in your choice of furniture for a balanced look in your room. Not sure where to start your search for the perfect antique pieces? Classic Revivals is the exclusive distributor of Modellers of Antique furniture. They are renowned for the finest crafting using premium materials.

Ornate treatments

Opulence abounds in the classic French bedroom. Choose ornate soft furnishings in bold print and french-inspired patterns. Beautiful floral designs and wallpaper may add to the overall look. Draped window treatments and layered fabrics can complete the design here. Think pretty french textiles with silk, florals and more.

Light muted tones

Keep your room light and bright with muted colours and light shades of paint on the walls. A light, white room evokes a modern take on the classic french room. Paint techniques like white washing the walls and floors will also enhance the space you’re envisioning. True french flair begins with this soft palette of neutrals for a refined and inspired bedroom.

Classic Revivals is widely recognized as being synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship and design excellence. Shop their amazing collection online at Classic Revivals.


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