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Bedrooms Oct 4, 2021

Refresh Your Guest Bedroom with The Mattress Warehouse

Don’t let your guest bedroom be an afterthought, or worse still, a dumping ground for clutter. It’s time to refresh this room for the summer months ahead. Here are some top tips and trends to bring a fresh new look to your guest bedroom.

1. Start with a White Backdrop

Keep it simple and you’ll be ready to create a beautiful, inspired guest bedroom. White is often a good, neutral and bright colour for a bedroom. Give your walls fresh paint in bright white and it will instantly feel more welcoming and alive.

2. Accessorize with Bright Spring Colours

Spring is the time for vibrant colours and nature-inspired prints. Bring these into your guest bedroom makeover and change out your old bedding. Instead, opt for fresh, colourful designs and bold prints. Add colourful scatters, curtains and more for a clean, modern look.

3. Add a Full-Length Mirror

A mirror can bring a wonderful reflective quality to your room. It’s also a functional piece that your guests will appreciate. Mount a full-length mirror to a wardrobe door, or wall. Furthermore, it will also make the room feel larger than it is.

4. Choose Art for the Walls

Brighten up your walls with bold prints and artwork to match your design scheme. A big framed artwork or photograph can also act as a statement piece. Place it above the bed or on an open wall.

5. Check your Lighting

Ensure that your guest room has ample lighting. Lights next to the bed are an essential while an overhead chandelier or pendant can add that extra wow factor.

6. Choose Functional Furniture

Don’t clutter up your guest bedroom with unnecessary furniture. Choose functional pieces such as a bedside table, desk or small closet which guests can use at their convenience. Furthermore, an occasional chair or bench is usually a winner in this space too. It will give guests a place to unwind, read or just enjoy the space.

7. Make the Bed a Focal Point

A great bed is a must in the ideal guest bedroom. Choose a quality mattress that will last a long time. The Mattress Warehouse carries a full range of quality bedroom furniture, mattresses and more. Not sure where to start? We understand that all the options could be daunting. However, the experts from The Mattress Warehouse will guide you through the process. Answer a few simple questions on their website and they’ll direct you to your perfect bed.

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