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Bedrooms Jan 9, 2021

Mattress Warehouse: Tips For A Thoughtful Guest Room

Expecting guests over the summer holidays? No problem. Here we share some great tips to help you create a thoughtful guest suite at home. 

Furniture First

Start the design of your guest bedroom with the right furniture selections. A good bed is a great base to work from. The more popular option is a double or queen bed to accommodate guests with added comfort. In a larger room, you could even add a king-size bed or twin beds to help cater for more than one guest. If your guest room doubles as a workspace, you could also opt for a sleeper couch to maximise the space. Modern sleeper couches are not only comfy but they are a stylish addition to the home and will help you save on space. Not sure where to start? Read our article with tips to buying a new bed.

Quality mattresses are another essential in every guest suite. Travellers often seek a comfortable space to sleep and unwind. A home away from home! You can offer just that by investing in a good quality mattress. Pair this with high-end linen and comfortable bedding and make their stay that much more enjoyable.

Finding the right mattress for the right price can be a very tiring process. For this reason, Mattress Warehouse created the ultimate bed finder to guide you through the process.

Extra Seating

Add a comfy occasional chair where your visitors can sit down to relax. A bench at the end of the bed, or even a day bed could add much-needed seating space in this room too. Alternatively, a desk and chair combo is typically a winning duo in a guest room and will also give your visitors that added space to read, write and perhaps store some of their belongings during their stay.

The Extra Touch

Whether you’re expecting family or friends to spend the night, you can create the most comfortable experience at home by paying attention to all the little details. Your guest bedroom should be welcoming and tranquil – a place where guests can unwind and enjoy the comforts of home life. Consider the layout of your room and remember to add that extra touch with lighting, extra blankets, wardrobe space and luxurious bedding.

If you want to create a truly memorable stay, you could also welcome your guests with a basket of treats such as rusks, wine, bottled water, fruit and more. This is a sure way for them to experience your hospitality with style. Add a few books to a side pedestal for extra reading and ensure that all the bulbs in the room have been fitted and are working.

The Mattress Warehouse is one of South Africa’s leading bed manufacturers and suppliers of beds directly to the public.

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