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Bedrooms Dec 29, 2021

Mattress Warehouse: 6 Tips For Your Master Bedroom

What is your first thought when you enter your master bedroom. If it isn’t one of peace and comfort, then it’s time to rethink your space. Create a beautiful retreat where you feel rested, loved and at peace. Here are our top designer tips to create the perfect master bedroom.

Comfort begins with your mattress

Is your mattress old and in need of replacing? If so, don’t skimp on this worthy investment. A good mattress will treat you well for many years and you should consider the firmness, comfort and how your body feels on the mattress. Our suggestion is to shop around and spend time testing out mattresses in-store to get a real feel for them. Like fitting on new clothing, testing out a mattress can help you make a better decision about what to buy. With a new, comfy mattress on its way, you can focus on the rest of the room and pull off a high-end look.

Update your headboard

A headboard is like a book cover for your bed. It’s the first thing that will draw you in and give you an overall impression of your room. We love beautifully upholstered headboards that bring texture and depth to a space, but you can really get creative here. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you could even DIY your own headboard with wood, fabric, old palettes and some paint.

A new headboard can change the entire feel of your room for the better.

A fresh coat of paint

When last has your bedroom been painted? Choose a colour that will give your space modern appeal and a fresh new look. Summer is great for light, brighter tones like pastels. However, beautiful neutrals are timeless and won’t easily date. You could also choose to create a feature wall with wallpaper or a bright burst of paint.

Don’t overlook flooring

Create a comfy and updated master suite and do not forget about the floors. Solid wood or vinyl flooring offers durability and style in a contemporary bedroom. A modern carpet is another way to add warmth and appeal. If you are going for a more solid flooring option like wood or tiles, be sure to add a few area rugs to bring warmth. This can add a luxurious touch to your master bedroom.

Invest in storage

Does your current bedroom feel cluttered? Perhaps you need added storage. Bedside tables with added drawers or doors can be used to hide clutter and keep your space feeling clean and streamlined. A chest of drawers is another ideal storage solution in a master bedroom. It is the perfect spot to house all your smaller pieces and keep things tidy and clean.

Create ambience with lighting

Set the mood with beautiful lighting. Nothing beats a bold chandelier above your bed as statement lighting. However you may require additional lighting in your space. We suggest you consider wall sconces or bedside lighting to make your space even cosier.

Simple updates can change the feel of your entire master bedroom. Shop the basic furniture with a superior mattress at The Mattress Warehouse.


Image via Adore Magazine

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