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Bedrooms Jul 3, 2021


Decorating and styling a master bedroom suite, like most relationships, requires a lot of compromise. It is not a given that you and your partner will have the same style or taste, but even if you do not get everything that you want, design-wise, that does not mean you have to sacrifice on style. Creating a space that is the perfect blend of two styles can be done quite easily, it just takes careful planning and sufficient research to find the perfect pieces that complement the union of design styles.


When you reside on your own, you can push your bed up against the wall and it will not affect your ability to get in and out of the bed. However, when you a styling a bedroom for a couple it is quite inconsiderate to have the bed pushed up against the wall. It is vital that you plan out your space carefully to ensure that there is enough space to position the room so that you can each comfortably get into the bed from either side, as well as enough space to move around, open cupboard doors, etc.

Closet space can often be a sore spot for many couples, especially if storage space is low in the space that you are in. A great alternative to adding more storage space is to incorporate a chest of drawers into the room. Place it against the wall at the foot of the bed to provide a central, anchored look to the room. While the chest of drawers provides additional storage space for your clothing, the top of the chest also allows you space to display some décor pieces, personal trinkets or should you wish to, hang a TV or mirror above on the wall.


Before you start any minor renovations or make any changes to the space, ensure that you gather all of your ideas together and put them on one mood board to see the entire look together. This will allow you evaluate whether everything works together cohesively, or if there are certain things that need to be adjusted or changed.

Once you have planned everything out, you can now start on any minor renovations or alterations that you may have such as painting walls, putting up curtain rails or putting up shelves. It is important to ensure that with any changes that you make, you ensure that the room is water tight, safe and sound and that all alterations that are made are done so with meticulous care and precaution. Once any changes have been made you will need to clean the walls and floors of your bedroom to ensure that there is no left-over paint, dust or dirt in the room before you bring in your furniture and décor pieces.


In every relationship and home, there are always certain individuals that neat and tidy, and others that are not quite so. In order to avoid the constant battle of keeping things neat and tidy, set yourself up for success by adding plenty of storage space. Large amounts of smart storage space will allow you to keep all of your belongings organised and out of the way.

Organisation does not have to be boring and generic, add clothing hooks, valet trays and benches with built in storage to your bedroom suite for a unique, innovative way to store your stuff.


Your bedroom should be a warm and intimate space where you can go after a long day at work to relax in peace and quiet. We recommend that you splurge on plush, high-quality bedding to create an inviting bed that features textured scatter cushions, fluffy throws, faux fur blankets and high-quality sheets. Layer textiles so that the bed feels like a place that you two never want to leave.


Skip the harsh overhead lighting in favour of softer lighting and create a relaxing ambience in your master bedroom suite. Lighting options like bedside table lamps, and perhaps an additional floor lamp is a great alternative to harsh overhead lighting.

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