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Bedrooms Oct 5, 2021

Coco-Mat: Sleep Your Way To Better Health

Most health gurus will tell you that sleep is a pillar to promote improved health. Your bedroom needs to be an oasis for pleasurable sleep and quality rest. Start with the basics of what makes a bedroom the ideal resting place. Coco-Mat uses nature’s wisdom as a guide and source of inspiration.

All Natural

There is power in utilizing nature’s goodness in the bedroom. Natural materials can thus help us achieve our goals without worry. By using natural materials for beds and mattresses, Coco-Mat harnesses all this energy and kindly offers it to you.

Cotton: Cotton has a long history in the making of soft, comfortable clothes and textiles. Light, fluffy and naturally hypoallergenic, cotton is the undisputed king of Coco-Mat’s fabrics.

Coconut Fibre: The husk of the famous tropical coconut fruit is coated in strong, resilient fibres. These are subsequently sprayed with natural rubber, shaped in layers, and used in Coco-Mat’s products. Coconut fibres are known for their durability and insulating properties.

Natural Latex: A colloid, milky fluid, which undergoes a special process to become soft elastic foam. The name given to latex (also known as rubber) by indigenous Equator tribes was “caoutchouc”, from the words “caa” (tear) and “ochu” (tree), because of the way it is collected.

Seaweed: It grows in the bottom of the sea and over the years has been used for multiple purposes, from a medical remedy to insulating material, or sushi. Dried seaweed is rich in iodine, known for its benefits to the human body.

Eucalyptus: The high eucalyptus tree is well known for its shadow and its healthy properties. The essential oil distilled from its leaves has a refreshing smell and is subsequently a natural remedy, beneficial for our breathing system.


At Coco-Mat, every action aims to a greater cause: peaceful sleep. To achieve this, simply making the world’s best sleep products is not enough.

The team subsequently need to go to bed with a clear conscience too. That’s why they are actively involved in supporting non-governmental organizations and contributing to local communities. Furthermore, Coco-Mat passionately advocates for sustainable development and raises environmental awareness. They promote equal opportunities among employees and further embrace people from all sorts of ethnic, cultural or religious backgrounds.

Furthermore, Coco-Mat takes pride in making the best beds in the world, but more importantly, wanting to make the world a better place.

For more visit Coco-Mat.

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