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Jan 27, 2020

Feel Like You’re Asleep on A Cloud With Coco-Mat’s 4-Layer Bed

Coco-Mat’s 4-Layer bed combines four premium sleep products which are dedicated to work together and provide ideal sleep. It will feel as though you’re drifting off to dreamland on a cloud!

Good sleep is the cornerstone of wellness and investing in a high-quality bed (where we spend over a third of our life) sets us up for a healthier, happier life. As we say, a good day starts the night before!

You can choose from Coco-Mat’s collection of mattresses and create your individual 4 Layer sleep system to work for you. Every layer has been designed with the aim to create ideal support and elasticity conditions for the whole body. Furthermore, it’s 100% natural organic and handcrafted. It has zero toxins, is metal-free and provides the ultimate comfort adapting to your body’s unique needs. You’re guaranteed flexibility, breathability and comfort.

The bed-mattress offers perfect posture and weight support, thanks to the integrated ergo-base. The centerpiece of the 4 Layer bed is a completely metal-free mattress made of natural materials.

The first top-mattress perfects the elasticity of the system, gently adjusting to body curves. A second top-mattress, filled with goose down or pure wool, gives a divine feeling of softness, supporting even the lightest parts of your body, thus completing the 4-Layer system sleep experience.

Enjoy perfect sleep every night, on your unique 4-layer bed. These beautifully handcrafted beds are available in any dimension upon request (they are customizable so you can literally make your own bed).

A soft or a firm mattress doesn’t necessarily provide the restful sleep we need. The ideal mattress should also be flexible, in order to fit to the body type. That’s why everyone loves laying on a 4-layer bed system, because its flexibility is unique!

For more visit Coco-Mat and ensure a good night’s sleep every night!


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