Falucca Fine Linen: Classic Bedroom Luxury At Its Best

If you’re in search of that luxurious feeling you get when climbing in between high quality sheets, then you’re in the right place. Falucca Fine Linen is where you’ll find top notch bedding that’s not only made with natural fibres, but fibre that’s considered to be the finest in the world: Egyptian Cotton.

This locally made product is sustainably sourced and beautifully made with a fine sateen weave for that smooth texture… even the gods on Mount Olympus would approve. Find the styles and fabrics that will make your bed perfectly you and visit Falucca Fine Linen to find your perfect fit.

Let their 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton Signature Collection in white bed linen clear away the day and soften you into sound sleep.

It’s well known that white bed linen has a calming effect on your sense of wellbeing. It’s the sort of colour that helps to reconnect our inner thoughts whilst offering a neutral and calming energy. The perfect addition to a serene and comforting bedroom!

White bed linen is also a staple in classic interior style for its ability to command attention, whilst allowing the rest of the furniture in a room to feature too. White is a versatile, fresh and uncomplicated bedding choice. It’s no surprise then that white is the colour most of us associate with luxury.

The Falucca Fine Linen 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton Signature Collection in white is the ultimate meditation in bedding luxury. This selection of beautiful detailing, such as narrow oxford border and double satin stitch, are subtle yet definitive styles that contribute to the overall look and feel of your bedroom decor.

For more visit Falucca Fine Linen.



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