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Bedrooms Feb 22, 2022

Design your bedroom to fall in love with your sleep.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. So it’s highly likely we spend more time in the bedroom than any other room. You really want to pay attention to bedroom design and making your bedroom suite comfortable and relaxing. But, unlike the rest of your home, which is decorated to be aesthetically pleasing in your waking hours, your bedroom design needs a slightly different approach.

What is the best bedroom design?

Here are a few bedroom ideas to consider when decorating your bedroom:

  1. It should seem obvious, but the most important place to start with decorating your bedroom is, well, your bed! What size bed will work in your bedroom? What are you and your partner’s preferences for the type of bed you’re after?
  2. Relaxation is the most important focus. Choose calm, muted colours for the walls.
  3. In addition to your main bedroom light, have softer lighting next to your bed.
  4. Everyone has different tastes in furniture design. Regardless, choose materials and fabrics for your bedstead, side tables and headboard, that invite you to relax and unwind.
  5. Try to keep as little clutter about your bedroom as possible.
  6. Create a quiet nook. If you have the space, a comfortable lounging chair in a corner, or near a window, can be used for reading or simply calming your thoughts before sleep.
  7. It feels snug to watch TV in bed however, this isn’t the best activity for your important sleep cycle. It is best to keep electronic entertainment to living areas.
  8. Cover your windows with curtains or blinds so that you have a sense of privacy. Block out early sunrises. These should also be muted tones of fabric and materials that contribute to a peaceful ambience.
  9. Go for quality bed linen. Look forward every evening to sliding in between crisp, high thread count sheets. Natural fibres like cotton have a soothing, sleep-inducing effect.
  10. A bedroom floor doesn’t have to be carpeted, but certainly consider rugs next to either side of the bed, and at the bedroom door entrance. Try to keep the sound of floor boards or tiled floors as dampened as possible.

Where can I find the perfect bed?

For over 25 years, Dial•a•Bed has been making the very best of South African bedrooms. Apart from your all-important support and comfort, Dial•a•Bed offers the largest range of branded beds with solutions to suit every bedroom layout. Your sleep chamber is the most important lifestyle room in the house. This is where you rest, recuperate and make the best of the next day’s waking opportunities and challenges. Start planning your best bedroom at your nearest Dial•a•Bed store https://bit.ly/3BuY7mw or online at https://bit.ly/3JtJ13c. #SleepForLife!

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