QUESTION: Dear SA Decor and Design blog, I have somewhat of a huge problem and I’m running out of time. I really need your advice. My children are coming to stay for the December holidays as we live on the coast in Western Cape Province. Below you will find part of a house plan. The trouble is with the second bedroom. I have to provide sleeping space for two adults in a queen sized bed in the third bedroom. There’s no problem there. But, they have an adorable two and half- year old daughter who will share a room with her aunt- my grown-up daughter. How on earth do I provide sleeping space for the little one and her aunt in Bedroom 2. ? Description: The room is 3m x 3m and has a sliding door to the passage and thankfully so, as space is limited. Directly across from it (see plan) is a glass door to the deck and a window facing the ocean. Directly to the right of the sliding door (coming into bedroom from the passage) is a wall +- 50cm, then a built-in cupboard 50cm deep and 150cm in length. My husband and I are currently using the room as a study, therefore we have a desk and chair on with the laptop and printer set on it. I think a printer needs a surface depth of 60cm. The internet connection, plug point and land telephone line is situated 50cm on the left on the wall of the sliding door from the passage into the bedroom. I need help with incorporating sleeping spaces for two and hopefully be able to keep a space for the study area. I can’t foresee that we will always have a space problem, but this December we definitely have. Is it perhaps possible to swap the two bedrooms mentioned around? I cannot see why we have to have a huge desk and office chair anyway, so maybe any ideas on that? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Kind regards

ANSWER: Dear Alma, Perhaps you should swop the rooms around. It will only inconvenience you for a little while. Make use of a fold up mattress for the little one (trust me she’s going to snuggle up with you or the parents). In the day time it is easy to pack away. How about a sleeper sofa- how often do you have visitors sleeping over? How about moving the desk and chair into the lounge or hall way? You not going to be working over the festive season are you?

Here is a list of top essentials for creating a cost guest room:
  • Special amenities and beautiful bedding
  • Fluffy towels
  • Clean and uncluttered
  • Fresh bedding
  • Lighting near the bed
  • Clock and outlets near the bed
  • A place to put suitcases and clothing
  • Reading material
  • Tissues and incidentals
  • Small personal touches



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