Coco-Mat: A 4-Layer System to Help You Sleep on Nature

Ensure a great night’s rest with the help of Coco-Mat’s four-layer bed system. It’s bound to help you feel more rested with each layer specially designed to give the bed the elasticity your body needs.

Using Nature’s wisdom as a guide and source of inspiration, Coco-Mat creates innovative products and home furniture, made with natural materials

Suitable for most body types, Coco-Mat’s four-layer combination offers the best possible conditions for a healthy and relaxing sleep. Each individual layer consists of a specific combination of natural materials which makes for a totally eco-friendly, safe and comfortable sleep experience.

The Coco-Mat four-layer bed is the result of years of experience in mattress-making. It combines four top products in one innovative bed system: bed-mattress, mattress, natural rubber top-mattress and goose down topper, four different types of mattresses with unique properties. Thus they are able to achieve what the company has always set out to do: provide perfect support to a resting body, to the last point!

While it’s well-known that getting enough sleep is vital to our health and ability to operate at peak performance daily, many of us don’t consider the fact that the quality of sleep we get also plays a very significant role. One way to improve your night’s sleep is to invest in a high-quality 100% natural mattress. Coco-mat makes the choice easy with natural materials to enhance your bedroom.

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