Coco-Mat Opens New Cape Town Store

COCO-MAT finally opened its first store in the Mother City, bringing with it a vision to provide the world with the best natural sleep products, constructed solely through sustainable methods.

COCO-MAT believes that nature cannot be corrected and that it makes sense to take advantage of what is naturally provided. Instead of using artificial substitutes, the company relies on what Mother Nature has given, discovering the perfection of her design and the blessings of her bounty in people’s daily lives.  

This principle springs from the deeply felt conviction of ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastos who was right when he said, “if there is a purpose in nature, it is not to serve mankind, but to ensure the perpetual reproduction of all.”
Using Nature’s wisdom as a guide and source of inspiration, COCO-MAT created innovative sleep products, made using natural materials all of which are naturally replenish-able and thus sustainable, such as coconut fibre, natural rubber, wool, cotton, goose down, oak, seaweed, eucalyptus, horsehair, and cactus fibre. COCO-MAT brings together each material’s unique and inherent qualities to create an unparalleled sleep experience: Sleep on Nature.
As COCO-MAT’s 27-year-old “natural – bedding” culture and philosophy is spread in many diversified markets, following always the guidelines for the perfect sleeping experience, they strongly believe that this would be reflected evenly to Cape Town as well. Furthermore, 4000+ amazing hotels and thousands of family homes around the world, have chosen these mattresses and furniture, illustrating clearly the trend, that the 1st service to guests and clients, begins undeniably from the comfort of their beds.  
Contact: COCO-MAT


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