Coco-Mat Make Your Bed Day

On 11 September 2018, Coco-Mat celebrates Make Your Bed Day where you’re invited to create your own bed setting with Coco-Mat’s gorgeous bed linen. You can also stand a chance to win a Coco-Mat hamper!

Anyone can tell you that good sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. But there’s more you can do for your well-being than simply being healthy. Above all, there’s being happy. COCO-MAT embraces a lifestyle based on simple life values that can make every day a little happier: honesty, responsibility, hospitality.

It’s easier than you might think actually. All it takes is a healthy breakfast with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Riding your bike to work every now and then. Welcoming guests with open arms. Smiling at strangers. Laughing with friends. Because spending great nights, sleeping well, is not enough, unless you also can’t wait for tomorrow morning.

Based on the idea that our body (or soma in Greek) naturally knows what is right (ortho in Greek) for it, we have developed highly elastic mattresses that can perfectly adapt to any shape and form.

Multiple layers of natural materials are stacked inside each product. No metal springs are used. Harder layers, such as coconut fiber, provide bodyweight support, while the more elastic layers of natural latex follow the body’s shape, gently hugging every curve. Instead of making your body adapt to the ways of a metal-spring mattress, Coco-Mat has made a mattress that surrenders to your body. That’s the essence of the orthosomatic principle!

Coco-Mat is also all about a four-layer experience. A combination of 4 sleep products, brought together with one common goal: perfect sleep and utmost comfort. Make your personal 4-layer sleep system, choosing from a selection of bed-mattresses, mattresses and top-mattresses.

When it comes to Coco-Mat bed linen, you can expect only the finest quality with bed linen made of 100% cotton in a beautiful selection of colours and patterns to match your mood and style.


Since there is no “one-size-fits-all” dress, shirt or pair of jeans, how can there be such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” pillow? Being unique means we need the right pillow that best suits our body build and sleep style. To enjoy relaxing sleep every night, choose your pillow from Coco-Mat’s exclusive collection of 12 comfortable, customizable pillows.

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