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Wanderlust Collectables: Use Texture To Transform Your Home

Texture in interior design makes any room pop. If your space is feeling a little lack-lustre, perhaps it’s time to embrace texture and think creatively about how you can incorporate this important element into your home. Here we share some key tips with our top picks from Wanderlust Collectables. 

Texture is more than just the surface quality of material… In fact, in interior design, texture forms a part of the bigger puzzle which can give your room a designer look and feel. It is often one of the more overlooked elements in a design scheme, but can totally transform an interior. Texture also helps to set the tone and can affect how you (and your guests) feel about a space.

A space without texture is typically stark and incomplete. Imagine trying to get comfy on a hard wood or concrete couch! We need the added texture of upholstered cushions, scatters and throws to add to the comfort and completion of the space.

The types of textures we use can also have very different outcomes. Depending on the look and style of your home, rough textures are more likely to make a space feel intimate and grounded while sleek textures can achieve the opposite. Sleek textures create a more reserved tone.

When used correctly, texture brings with it beauty and contrast, a play of light and dark tones within a space. If you need some guidance to help you make the right textural choices, consider the following in the design of your room:

  • Add textured scatters to a bed or couch – it’s a great way to bring definition and added comfort to any room.
  • Artisinal items – beautifully handcrafted items can bring texture and style to your home. Add decor accents to a side table or countertop to add a finishing touch to your space.
  • Textiles: Fabrics are an easy and innovative way to bring colour, pattern and aesthetic quality to a room. Whether in your choice of bedding, drapes, throws or scatters – textiles can enhance your colour scheme and bring a softer edge to your interior.

At Wanderlust Collectables you will find a bespoke collection of decor, soft furnishings, rugs, quilts, scatters and more. As a family-run business inspired by a love for our planet and its diverse and fascinating people, Wanderlust Collectables are driven by a belief in the innate ability of humans from every corner of the globe to create art and beauty in everyday objects.

If you’re looking for a piece with a story to tell, be sure to check out their online store for more.

Visit Wanderlust Collectables.

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