Upcycled Chic and Modern Hacks

No matter what your style is, a little inspiration can help you look at your home completely differently as to transform even the most mundane spaces into something amazing. With so many characterless items available on the market, it’s becoming increasingly important to personalise one’s surroundings and alter settings to reflect their creators. Upcylcing is a word that’s been added to the décor dictionary fairly recently; this way of thinking promotes the re-usage or revival of an older furniture piece by giving it a contemporary facelift. For decorators looking to re-style a modern piece of mass-market furniture, thereby adding a unique and personable touch, this must-read book provides all the practical tips to make it possible. In this exciting volume, Liz Bauwens and Alexandra Campbell guide the reader through a range of beautiful homes and gardens, which are full of fantastic upcycles and creative hacks, to highlight innovative ideas for every interior style. With advice and tricks throughout, such as using colour highlights and industrial upcycling, the book boasts thrifty techniques one can use to turn something old or ordinary into something highly special.
Upcycled Chic and Modern Hacks2
Upcycled Chic and Modern Hacks3
Upcycled Chic and Modern Hacks4
Upcycled Chic and Modern Hacks5
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