Romantic colonial manor house

This colonial styled home has a timeless, romantic elegance that brightly shines through. Although this is a more modern take on the previously wooden colonial houses, the features are definitely still prominent. Colonial homes are typically two stories, with an overhang that is created by the second floor. In some cases the overhang is transformed into a roof to create shade for the downstairs patio. The patios and balconies are generally lined with beautiful white balustrades and have white pillars or wooden poles to secure the overhang. The steeply-pitched gable roofline is the most dominant feature in a colonial home as it gives the home a magnificent height and wonderful high ceilings. The modern take of dark red face brick gels handsomely with the dusky grey roof to finish off this idealistic home. Create your timeless home using the Corobrik, Country Cottage Travertine range.

March 2014 - 1


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