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Pudlo: The Feeling of a Fireplace

The idea of a wet and cold winter is unappealing whether you are indoors or outdoors. What tends to take the bite out of it, is the existence of fireplaces. Sitting around a beautifully designed fireplace, enjoying a glass of red wine, listening to a heavy downfall striking at the windows while nice and cosy inside. 


For centuries people have been drawn to fireplaces – notwithstanding the obvious warmth they offer – but because of the way in which they were decorated. Nearly 300 years ago fireplaces became a statement of wealth depending on how they were decorated.

Wealthier citizens displayed elaborately decorated fireplaces while middle-class and poorer citizens kept plain fireplaces with painted wooden mantelpieces with woodpiles and bellows placed nearby.

Today with so many options available there is no end to the kind of look you could achieve while creating a central focus of the fireplace and the interior style within the room.

What we are seeing coming through are warm colours in people’s interior design choices when it comes to the fireplace: porcelain like the fabulous Rice and Lume Range, red brick, slate, wood, natural stone – both dark and light shades – clay tiles, and patterned tiles in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Another trend we see gaining traction is the inclusion of some stunning warm matt tiles with gorgeous hues that create an amazing aesthetic around the fireplace, providing an innate warmth that has nothing to do with the fire but the overall ambience.

These warming colours used as a décor tool not only brighten up a room, but also complement the myriad colours of fire itself. Coppery oranges, rusty reds, pale yellows, cobalt blues, burgundy browns and all the shades in between against a complementary background create a dazzling look and inevitably an ever-constant conversation piece while you enjoy the warmth and ambience of your beautifully designed fireplace.

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