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Midas Paints: Understand Lighting & Choose The Perfect Paint Colour

When choosing the perfect colour for your home interior, it is important to have a full understanding of how lighting greatly impacts it’s shades and overall visual appeal. Midas Earthcote Tygervalley are proud to present a basic guideline to assist you on your paint colour selecting journey.


In the professional field of painting, it is well known that lighting greatly impacts the way in which colours are seen and experienced. It is for this reason that light should be the first consideration when designing any home interior space.

By understanding the structure of the eye we can better understand how lighting impacts the way we interpret colours. Light bounces off an object and is reflected through our corneas and onto the outer layer of our retina, which is made up of cones and rods. These cones and rods absorb the reflected light and communicate the intended colour to our brain.

It is this process of light refraction and absorption that gives the visual appeal of well-lit rooms` paint colour being lighter; along with the latter of darker rooms` paint colour being darker.


By understanding the principle of light refraction and absorption, you are now able to apply your capacity to choose not only the correct colour based on the light filtration of a room;
but also to keep in mind the basic interior design ideology that darker colours make rooms look smaller, whereas lighter colours add volume and space.


Be inspired by your surroundings. Colours can be experienced through textures and tones of everyday items. When mapping out a space or testing out various colour swatches, take photos and see whether your colour variety suits the desired outcome for your space. Consult our Midas Earthcote Tygervalley paint store, where you can select a variety of popular colour cards and have a colour experience that is a feast for the senses.

The final process to your colour selection journey is then to narrow down your colour options to that of 3, after which it is then recommended to order a wet sample paint to a apply in a 1x1m square radius. This testing process will allow you to see the final colour options at scale in the space being designed, and can then be tested at different times of the day when light varies greatly.


When selecting your perfect colour for your home space, always keep in mind that paint is never permanent. Allow yourself to have fun with the experience of selecting a colour. Don`t be bogged down by the variances in paint textures, tones and finishes. Consult your local paint specialist and allow them to best advise you on the correct course of action.

Choose colours as an expression of who you are as a designer, and allow the world of colour to explode your sensory experience.

Author: Sean Rack
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sean_rack/
Website: https://midaspaintstygervalley.co.za/

Images: Paintsmith available at Midas

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