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Sep 30, 2019

Midas Paints: Creating A Magical Playground of Colour

At Midas Paints, new paint colours and combinations are carefully considered. Here, creativity and innovation combine to bring us a magical playground of colour, where the sky certainly is the limit.

Nature is often used as the main source of inspiration – a muse – for mixing new colours and experimenting with new tones. With their long history in developing 0VOC environmentally friendly paint with 0VOC tints and colourants, Midas has positioned themselves as a leading company in environmentally friendly low odour paints.

So where does one find inspiration to dream up new paint colours? Nature is certainly a number one inspiration. A simple stroll through Ludwigs Rose Garden, the team find inspiration in the tranquil calm gardens with the most beautiful colours popping out between the green leaves. In an attempt to replicate these colours, Midas took some of the striking roses, in various hues, to their mixing department to create some magic!

Their team of experienced colour matchers have been eye-matching paint colours for decades and therefore took on the challenge to emulate the most spectacular colours inspired my nature. Attempting to replicate these colours was a challenge as the built environment is often filled with stark materials such as brick, concrete, glass and aluminium to which the average colours are matched. The concept of replicating the tones found in natural blooms was something different and unique, and really needed some very special OVOC tints to create.

With roses as the guide, the team created a beautiful arrangement of tones, with some of the most spectacular colours we have ever seen in the paint industry. It seems to be a new era and a new dawn for colour – all inspired by nature!

Take a look at some of the many shades created by the Midas team and bring the beauty of nature-inspired paints into your home.

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