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Jun 26, 2016

Modish Living Rooms Throughout the Generations

Imagine where we have been and where we are going: do it when it comes to vintage interiors and visualise the shift and transformation we have undergone when it comes to our living rooms. We enjoy comparing our past sense of style to our present one, and how icons, small families and concepts made one room come alive with an idea, a colour or a style. Seeing the spaces in their dominance, really peering into the societal norms and community influence, we will look at several generations that inspire us to do more with what we are given today. Going through the 40’s, 60’s or 70’s is more than just a throwback, it provides us context of our scope of visual identity. What is great is this: each room had its treasures, each generation had its decor trends and each documentation was captured differently. Take a look at some iconic dining rooms from generations before: Here’s a source of exemplary design coming out of Eclectica Design & Art: Contact:

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