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Matrix Fitness: How To Style Your Home Gym Like A Pro

Home gyms are what dreams are made of! A place to get in shape in the comfort of your own home. No travel costs, no contracts and no hidden surprises. If you’re designing a space to gym at home, do it like a pro and create an organised and stylish space for those any-time workout sessions!

A Dedicated Space

Start by designing a dedicated space that will be used exclusively for your workout pleasure. A spare room or garage can easily be renovated into a home gym. Alternatively, you could build an extension to your existing home or a separate build in the yard to transform into a home gym.

By using a separate room, you’ll have a permanent space that you can fully maximise to your needs. Also, you won’t need to worry about clutter or sharing the room with others for multiple functions. As such, you’ll have a dedicated home gym and no excuses to get active in your own home.

Durable and Versatile Finishes

In a home gym, your choice of room finishes is essential to help you make the most of your space. Workout flooring should be non-slip for ease of movement. Your floors should also be kind to your joints – so opt for shock-absorbent finishes that will ensure an easier workout. Waterproof vinyl tiles are a great option and come in a wide selection of colour choices to suit a high-end look.

Choose a Vibrant Colour Palette

Your home gym should feel like a motivational and uplifting space. Choose high-energy colours that make you happy. Not sure which colourways will work best? We rely on the advice of the experts and this year, Pantone has released not one, but two exciting colours as the 2021 Colours of the Year. These are therefore a great starting point. The colours are Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, for a beautiful balance of optimism and strength.

Light It Up

Choose lights to complement your choice of workout. Bright lights are great for a high-energy workout, while dimmers are better paired with calming sessions like yoga or pilates. Your lighting design can therefore have a real impact on the type of workout you want to achieve in your space.

The Right Equipment

What’s a home gym without the right exercise equipment? Invest in quality home gym equipment that will take your workout to the next level. Matrix Fitness is one of the world’s largest suppliers of gym equipment. Unmatched quality home fitness products are available with free delivery and installation. They also have a team of qualified technicians ready to assist as well as one of the largest spares holding.

Discover more at Matrix Fitness and style that home gym of your dreams!

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