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Life has it’s many daily challenges. Whether it’s getting the kids up and ready for school, getting yourself mentally prepared for a new day at work, cleaning out that juicer or toaster, ironing that blouse, rinsing the remnants of last night’s bath or taking the walk to the washing line to secure your clothes from falling off and repeating the washing cycle again.

The most mundane tasks can be exhausting when we add them up. On average, we need to look after our household, clean, wash, cook, organise, work and still fit in some down time. Yes, the superhuman of the family might be able to do this in their sleep, but why would they want to? Help is around, and all it takes is creating accessibility to it, which is exactly the thought process behind the MTN App of the Year winner for 2016: Domestly.

Domestly is solution-based app that offers a domestic cleaning service by linking reliable background checked cleaners to households. The app requires you to choose the date, location and time of arrival and whether you’d like a full or half day clean that suits your budget. Each person’s profile has reviews and availability slots, and the user can choose to either do a once-off booking or bulk booking.

Domestly is very involved in job creation in South Africa as well as giving back to their community. By connecting the cleaning professionals directly to homeowners, Domestly makes housekeeping more affordable and accessible to everyone. They won Best Consumer App and were the overall winners in the MTN App of the year awards, and we can see why.

Apart from creating happy homeowners, they also uplift and empower South African women who are unemployed or underemployed. Domestly cleaners can set their own rates. Not only does this offer the customers a range of rates to choose from, but it also allows the cleaner to control her earning power. Domestly has created more than 600 jobs in the last 9 months and aim to create another 1500 jobs within the next 12 months.

Domestly is available in the Google Play and Itunes Store (for Android and iOS) as well as desktop. Take a look at the tutorial here



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