Introducing Vintage Vista

Vintage Vista is a family company who share a passion for the urbanised lifestyle, providing its clients with an eclectic assortment of contemporary and vintage items for stylish interiors. Unlike the average “safe” selections offered by many décor suppliers, each unique piece at Vintage Vista has been internationally sourced or bespoke-made locally for maximum functionality and unrivalled aesthetics. From small decorative items and gifts to larger furnishings, Vintage Vista boasts an indulgence to sit every urban need and every preference. The company’s philosophy centres on helping clients to reflect their own personal interpretations and lifestyles into the home space. A home is an extension of your personality and the way in which you function, so the right home should provide its inhabitant with inspiration, relaxation and ease of use. Allow Vintage Vista to guide you on your journey by providing the right tools and services you need to turn your vision into a reality.
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