Home ideas for Bibliophiles

Fact: reading never goes out of style. But as many of us are ditching paperbacks for e-readers, our homes are filled with stacks and stacks of reading materials we don’t often pick up. Instead of tossing (or donating) these texts, why not celebrate some favourites by putting them front and centre in your decor, and repurpose copies you’re unlikely to read as wallpaper or a nightstand. This one’s for you, fellow bibliophiles.

Image credit: Livet Hemma)
This bedroom wall is covered in book pages and sheet music for a great feel and atmosphere of literary decor. If you DIY this idea, use pages torn from gardening books, woodworking guides, and others books that reflect your interests.
Image credit: Stadshem
This method of storing books lets you highlight a few favourites. Tack a long piece of string to the wall, tie a large wooden bead on the other end, and let your favourite reads hang out. Check out the rest of this minimalist home from Stadshem (and see how they use this inventive technique in other rooms) on Coco Lapine Design.
Image Credit: Town and Country
In the bathroom of this New York home, decorator Steven Gambrel covered the walls with natural wonders pulled from a reissue of Cabinet of Natural Curiosities. The effect, captured here by Town & Country magazine, is stunning in this small space.
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