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Gift Guide: 8 Must-Haves From Ronel Jordaan

Consistently inspired by nature, Ronel Jordaan brings a beautiful sculptural quality to the handcrafted goods now available through their growing homeware collections. Learn more about the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into each item at Ronel Jordaan, and have a look at some of our favourites in their online store…

Whether used as functional furniture or home decorations, each piece available from Ronel Jordaan boasts unique craftsmanship that can’t be denied. From beautiful shaggy stools and lampshades to animal trophy heads and pebble strands – each piece adds a wonderful textural aesthetic to any interior.

With a long history in textile design, Ronel and her team have thus created a distinct craft, meticulously turning fine gossamer thread into robust felted forms. The results subsequently speak for themselves.

Let’s take a closer look…

Animal Trophy Heads

A textural delight when grouped together on a wall, these bespoke wireframe heads boast hand felted 100% Merino wool. Four different animals are available in the collection. This includes buffalo, springbok, sheep and kudu. A wonderful way to embrace the natural beauty of African wildlife and use this to adorn your walls.

Pebble Strands

Create a beautiful display like a decorative curtain featuring these pebble strands handcrafted in Merino wool. We love the natural look of this item with muted tones in a monochromatic display. The cushions have 100% recycled polyester inners. However, 100% wool inners can be supplied on request.

Kudu Sculpture

Let art not be limited to your walls alone. A beautiful, nature-inspired sculpture, such as this bespoke Kudu, can be a focal point in the home. A carefully crafted wire frame kudu features hand-felted karakul wool. The end result is a delicate form which evokes the strength and beauty of this majestic creature.


Rock Stool

Is it stone or just an illusion? This beautifully handcrafted Rock Stool finds its inspiration in the natural landscape. The shape and colour thus hint at the outdoors and appear as real stone. However, the stool is far from hard, raw or harsh like stone. On the contrary, it has been meticulously hand-felted with 100% Merino wool. Furthermore, the soft, stylish cushion is set within a metal frame.

Porcupine Stool

Add a refreshing textural dimension to your living space with this beautiful Porcupine stool. Here, hand-felted 100% Merino wool strips have been hand-woven onto a cotton base inside a metal frame.


Bring an urban edge to your space with this beautiful lampshade.  The classic shape subsequently ensures that this fits in with a variety of design styles. The lampshade is felted using 100% Merino wool with Metallic leaf.

Shaggy Stool

We love the rustic charm of this bold Shaggy Stool by Ronel Jordaan. Here, dip-dyed felted 100% Merino Wool is placed over a recycled polyester inner. Furthermore, the laminated wool stool can be flat packed for easy installation. What’s more, is that this stool is available in a host of colours to suit your style.

Basket Round

We are all for stylish storage solutions. These gorgeous baskets are thus the perfect addition for extra storage in a living space, bathroom or even a home office. The possibilities are therefore endless. The neutral design furthermore ensures that it fits in well within any contemporary environment. These hand-felted Karakul baskets are subsequently available with or without leather handles.

Shop our favourites online at Ronel Jordaan and celebrate local craftsmanship in your own home this holiday season.



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