First Impression

Enhance your entryway and make a great first impression of your home! After months of decorating a home, after having carefully planned and designed each room, why do we often forget to focus on the absolute first thing people see of our house when they walk in the door? More often than not, the entrance hall is left untouched and forgotten about. These fantastic tips will add finesse to your foyer and will help define your living space!

  • Make a statement with a feature wall and engage with your guests from the moment they step over the threshold!
  • Add a large mirror or a group of smaller mirrors to your entryway, for a dramatic effect. A well-positioned mirror will catch the light and bring the sun into a darker hallway. A mirror will help create an illusion of extra space by visually expanding a contained area.
  • If you have a little nook in the foyer, tuck in a table and a chair and create a cosy atmosphere.
  • Set the mood for your guests with a table lamp that casts an inviting glow. Keep the base slim so the lamp doesn’t feel overwhelming, especially on a slender console table.

Add vigour to your vestibule and be inspired by these entrance hall decoration ideas:

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