Essential Elegance

“Essential Elegance: The Interiors of Solis Betancourt” is an exciting volume by Jose Solís and Paul Sherrill, partners in Solís Betancourt, articulating the aim to achieve a harmony between the informal and formal, as well as traditional and contemporary elements, within an interior.

In this striking arrangement of furniture and art, the talented designers highlight the importance of livability and comfort, while portraying ideas to manifest subtle beauty that’s dramatic but not excessive, surprising as well as eye-catching. These choices contribute to a look that appears effortless, as though the collection of objects came together little by little over decades.

Most notably in a Solís Betancourt room, comfort rotates around the sensuous fabrics that might envelop an armchair, cushion a delicate settee, or softly frame a set of French doors. Fabric might be used as an accent, lining niches or bookcases as a background for the objects on display. Alternatively, fabric might take on a more important role, covering the ceiling and walls to create a tactile and alluring environment. Nubby linens, shimmering silks, regal damasks, are subtly layered into a serene composition that begs to be touched and enjoyed.

“Essential Elegance” shines light on interiors offering a moment of transcendence, a glimpse beyond everyday routine. These are rooms to come home to, sanctuaries that offer a sense of protection, tranquility, and beauty.

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