Droog draws from the life of Vincent for the Van Gogh Museum

The technicolour life of Vincent van Gogh has inspired a series of contemporary tableware, travelware and graphic designs by Studio Droog for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. For Van Gogh Museum’s new museum shop in Amsterdam, Studio Droog was asked to design a range of products based on Van Gogh’s artworks: ‘Landscape with Houses’, 1890 and ‘Wheatfield under Thunderclouds’, 1890. Looking beyond the surface of these paintings, Studio Droog dove into the rich, fickle life of the artist, giving rise to an eclectic collection of over 20 unique tableware, travelware, postcards and poster designs that echo his life and art. The travelware collection references the work ‘Wheatfield under Thunderclouds;, 1890 and appeals to Van Gogh’s frequent globetrotting – even though he often became homesick. The range derives its playful pattern from the artwork’s staccato brush-work and bold, bright colours – with each design heralding a signature Droog twist. The collection includes a toiletry bag that fits your entire life’s work of grooming; an eye mask that blocks not only eyes but ears too; a scarf that works double-shift as a blanket; an unmissable luggage belt and a foldable bag. The blue blush of Van Gogh’s ‘Landscape with Houses’; defines the ceramic and glassware collection designed by Studio Droog. By deconstructing the image into layers, and editing them into individual patterns, Studio Droog cleverly harnessed the signature line work of Van Gogh to create new patterns that can be played with. Translucent glass plates of various sketched patterning can be stacked to recreate the original painting; glass and ceramic tumblers don dancing strokes and lines – as if doodled by Van Gogh himself; patterned bowls and vases make masterpieces of your food and flowers; and tea lights cast shadows of an impressionist painter’s mark. Van Gogh wrote regularly to his brother Theo. Within these writings lay a wealth of wisdom, that Studio Droog translated into quotes for a series of postcards. And these wisdoms could have only stemmed from his love of reading – where Studio Droog designed a stylized bookshelf of Van Gogh’s actual reading list in the form of a poster.

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