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Apr 11, 2020

Do Your Part And Support Local Design

South Africa is a hub of beautiful local design and innovation. We have so much to offer the world, all right here on our doorstep… from creative masters in design to artistic painters and weavers. It’s time to do our part and support the local industry.

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International trends may predict the seasons ahead, but in Africa, we often set our own trends. After our latest travels to Europe and Asia at the beginning of the year, we’ve recognised some trends that we feel will be of benefit to all, especially those of us embracing the African design industry.

Organic design and sustainability is one such trend that transcends cultures and is ingrained within the African people. This trend relates to our everyday lives, from what we wear and how we live to what we eat and how we sleep. As an African nation, we are often known for our resourcefulness, for recycling and creating product design of high-quality material and superior standards that will stand the test of time.

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From our beautiful woven artifacts to crafted furniture, we see the sustainable trend shine through. Why look to international markets, when we can find these innovative products locally and help to build our own economy! It certainly is the time to support each other in this environment.

Supporting local design is so important especially in our creative world. We cannot afford a decline in creativity. By standing together in support of local manufacturing, we can all help to boost our economy. Local production offers us so much that we simply cannot ignore the benefits.

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With many world trade and design events postponed due to health and economic concerns, we can rest assured that our very own South African suppliers are ready to serve us. As consumers, we can reinvest in our economy and support our local artisans and creatives.

Let’s recreate and fall back on of what we have. It certainly is time to get creative and go back to basics to use our own resources to create, inspire and build up our nation again.

Remember, in SA, we are a season behind as we enter Winter 2020, and we will catch up to the rest of the globe in no time. The last design show, held at the end of 2019, dictated what the latest looks will be and even from our recent visit to Ambiente 2020 in February, we can see that the latest innovations are already embraced on the African continent.

In brief, some of the Ambiente 2020 design features included:

  • Shaped + Softened Functional furniture. This achieves a sculptural quality by adding soft shapes and emphatic contours. This powerful effect is enhanced by a neutral palette of reduced colours with white and shades of grey, sometimes warm and sometimes cool. The surfaces are smooth, soft or textured. Glass, either satin or transparent, impeccable porcelain and rough ceramics inspire enthusiasm, both visually and with their tactile qualities.
  • Precise+Architectural. A touch of industrialism is added to high-quality materials in an architecturally inspired range of colours, with tones of brick and cement as well as rusty burnished nuances and float glass green. They create a captivating ambience, enhanced by dusky dimness and the blue of the evening sky, set within otherwise starkly designed spaces that focus on essentials. These innovative combinations conjure up cosy clubs and a strong emphasis on material aesthetics.
  • Artistical+Diverse. This style turns a living space into a personal collage. With its artistic character, unusual colours and diverse combinations, it has a stimulating effect. The pallet displays a refreshing mixture of bright orange, fruity raspberry, milky colours, strong honey and lively sky-blue. In this multidisciplinary and multi-local interaction between art, craft and digital technology, “controlled chance” plays a central role. Each object has its own unique character, thanks to the creative use of a variety of new materials, unusual manufacturing processes, unconventional themes and special shapes.

Who knows how 2020 will officially pan out! But, for now, we can all do our part and keep our local artisans in business. Support local and see for yourself all that Africa has to offer its people.

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