Desert Living in the IT House

Feast your eyes upon the IT House, situated in the middle of the sparse Joshua Tree National Park in California, where the temperatures reach into the hundreds during the summer. Architects Linda Taalman and Alan Koch (taalmankoch, Los Angeles) created this intelligent and efficient home that’s perfect for desert living. The minimalist IT house consists mostly of glass and combines a raw industrial aesthetic with sustainable design in a minimalistic manner: solar cells on the flat roof collect solar energy, generously proportioned doors and windows that are flush to the floor provide for cross ventilation, and the clever roofing creates shadows in the unrelenting desert heat. Even the bathroom, which features a Duravit bathtub and washstand, opens to the cool courtyard, ensuring extra refreshment.

IT House by taalmankoch Gregg Segal2
Taalman and Koch, who are based in Los Angeles, chose the name IT House for their Joshua Tree refuge. The name is derived from the famous expression “IT Girl.” After all, the new sanctuary is intended to be an exemplary prototype for prefabricated houses with glass walls. Energy efficient and comfortable, Taalman and Koch believe that modern architecture should bring us back to nature, which is why their concept of IT House has long been in production. Under the motto “Less is Less” — less weight, less work, less trash, less waste — further IT Houses that offer a unique living space have been created.
IT House by taalmankoch Gregg Segal
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