How best to sell your house

Houses as investments are not just for the purpose of raising capital. You invest in a house to create a home; for pets, loved ones and guests to enjoy; to be homeowners and not keep discarding rent over to a landlord each month; to invest in a future lifestyle; to have the merit of choosing how to renovate or upgrade; and to pass over to the next generation if the land stays with you throughout your long, fulfilled life. However, one’s first house often needs to be sold because people move on, change lifestyles, grow and adapt into bigger family units, or might decide to try a new area out. So that first home, dear to your heart, that you put all that effort into when revamping and you’ve outgrown, well it needs a new homeowner. Here are 6 Ways to Make Your Home Sell Faster and fuss-free:

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Right price Put your house on the market for the value that it’s worth. To ensure you feel confident with the pricing, do a comparative market analysis. Estate agents are often the first point of reference, but also speak to other second or third time homeowners, who have gotten a feel for the market. Do ample research online, speak to your neighbours in the area and acknowledge the amount of work that has gone into the house since you first purchased it. Widen the appeal When ready to sell, remember that the look of the house needs to appeal to a wide cross section of buyers. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to style and decor so, if your overall look is too fixed in its style, it may not speak to many potential buyers. Eliminate or add to the decor of the home when putting it on the market; buyers want to see the house as a potential home, not a page from a book.
Declutter Minimalism is key when it comes to reeling potential buyers in. They want to see the structure and bones of the home without seeing the way someone lives. Clutter tends to overwhelm people and can very quickly put potential buyers off. An easy approach to decluttering is to create easy storage solutions—make your home clean and tidy before a viewing and focus on putting away groupings of toiletries and kids’ toys, and take washing off the line. First impressions Think about what buyers will see when they first enter your property. There has to be some kind of wow factor; whether it’s the garden beds and inviting patio, or the tidy state of the space, potential buyers are looking for a glimmer of hope—something that speaks to them. Mood When preparing your home for viewings, set the mood to make it as inviting as possible. Switch on the lights or let more natural light in by opening all curtains, blinds and patio/sliding doors. A fresh bouquet of flowers or baked cookies make a great impression too. Stay out of the way Don’t hang around and chat to buyers. Let the agent take control. If you decide to put your house on the market, selling it quickly can have a huge impact on your bottom line – and can save you having to pay your bond and things like Household Insurance after you’ve decided you want to move. Get organised with a Household Insurance quote now to protect your possessions and your new property. This article was commissioned by Hippo Insurance, but the opinions are our own.


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