Beautiful beach home

This magnificent home, located on the coast of the Cape, emanates barefoot luxury. The beautiful beach holiday home mimics the splendour of nature through the use of Cemcrete’s popular floor finish Colour Hardener. This was the product of choice used to enhance a laid-back atmosphere through the interior, exterior and right up until the rim of the pool. Favoured for durability and easy maintenance, the Colour Hardener reflects the appearance of natural beach sand. The bedrooms within this immaculate living space are kept minimalist with built-in beds and side tables, eliminating the need for freestanding furniture. The bed bases and side tables were cleverly coated with the same Cemcrete finish as used for the floors. For the bathroom walls, Cemcrete’s SatinCrete wall finish added the final touch, blending in seamlessly with the decorative setup. To take a virtual tour through this stunning home please click here.

Cemcrete Flooring2
Cemcrete Flooring3
Cemcrete Flooring5
Cemcrete Flooring4
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