5 creatively fun uses for bricks this season

5 creatively fun uses for bricks this season. Spring has arrived, so it’s time to dust off our D.I.Y. gloves and start creating something wonderful. To help get your creative juices flowing Corobrik has put together their 5 favourite D.I.Y ideas for bricks below. 1. Craft an Artistic Tea-Light Holder

If you have a couple of bricks lying around don’t let them go to waste, place a tea-light candle in each of the openings to create a rustic candle holder. This also works beautifully with stick candles. Allow the wax to drip onto the bricks to add to its rustic charm. It’s also a great way to secure a tablecloth on your patio table on a windy day. 2. Stunning Succulent Holders
Bricks of all shapes, colours and sizes, can be put to use to make an incredible succulent wall or a small feature in the garden. Simply fill the holes with compost and sand and plant your favourite succulents in them. Place the bricks around the garden or build an impressive wall – the décor possibilities really are endless with these succulent-filled bricks. 3. Build a little brick road for creative play
Enjoy your children’s delighted expressions after you have built this nifty road with bricks and a touch of paint. Add in a gutter pipe and a couple of stones to create a tunnel and complete this awesome creative play outdoor road. 4. D.I.Y Herb Markers
Bricks make wonderful “NO MAINTENANCE” herb markers. Choose your favourite herbs, plant them and then write their names onto a couple of bricks and place them in your herb garden. It’s a stunning natural way to make sure you don’t forget what you’ve planted. 5. Rustic D.I.Y Bookshelf
If you need extra shelving space but don’t have a large budget, combining natural materials that do not cost an arm and a leg, like bricks and wooden planks, are a great way to create an artistic bookshelf. Choose your favourite D.I.Y. brick idea above and have fun creating your own masterpiece. For different coloured or textured bricks see the full Corobrik range .


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