Water Saving Sanitary Ware From WOMAG

The past year has brought South Africa’s water crisis into sharp focus. Not just Cape Town, but the whole country has become conscious of water saving.

WOMAG – South Africa’s preferred supplier of premium quality natural stone tiles and surfaces, quartz-based tops, porcelain tiles and slabs, design-led sanitary ware and taps – is delighted to introduce a new premium selection of sanitary ware and showerheads that significantly reduce water consumption.

“At WOMAG, we believe in caring for the environment, which is why our latest ranges of shower heads and sanitary ware are environmentally friendly,” says WOMAG managing director Oren Sachs. “At the same time, we don’t think that saving water and being responsible need to come at the expense of style or comfort. Our ranges are stylish and sleek – perfect for the modern bathroom.”

Research has shown that a high-quality water-saving showerhead uses just 50% of water than the regular free flow shower head does, not only reducing consumers’ water bill, but also ensuring that there is enough water for generations to come.

WOMAG’s new ranges also include a great selection of highly efficient low flush water saving toilets which use only 3 – 6 litres of water per flush as opposed to conventional toilets that use 9 – 12 litres of water per flush.

Earth Water Saving Showerhead
WOMAG’s new Earth Water Saving showerhead is quality manufactured to be stylish and affordable. It uses an average of just 7.5 litres per minute without sacrificing on performance. Manufactured from CP ABS Plastic with brass swivel joint, its features include three functions and pressure compensating from 1 Bar upwards.

Bellini Bel 3 – Wall Hung Toilet
Bel 3 offers the latest Italian design and ultimate performance. The unique design makes it the perfect toilet for an ultra-modern and spacious bathroom, and its stylish soft close seat and lid eliminate slamming and pinched fingers. The Bel 3 is also high quality and has a quick release anti-bacterial seat, making it one of the most hygienic toilets.

Bellini Bel 3 – Wall Hung Toilet

Bellini Halley Rimless Flush Toilet
Bellini’s Halley rimless toilet has an innovative rimless design that prevents the build-up of germs and dirt in hard-to-reach areas, which makes it easier to clean. Add to that the quick release anti-bacterial seat and you have the most hygienic toilet available. The soft, slow close thin toilet seat adds convenience and a hidden fixation system for the pan itself means all wall screws are hidden from view, giving a smooth and sleek finish.

Bellini Alba – Rimless Flush Toilet
Bellini’s Alba toilet has innovative features including the unique Vortex Flushing system which projects powerful jets of water from opposite ends of the bowl, creating a circular motion that eliminates germs, grime build up and easy-to-clean rimless design. Additional features include soft close seat and a hidden fixation system for the pan itself, giving the toilet both safety features and style.

Bellini Alba wall hung toilet

Contact WOMAG on 021 447 6161 or visit: www.womag.co.za


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