Turning Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

You bathroom is your oasis of well being, relaxation and privacy. The Geberit DuoFresh is an innovative system that keeps a bathroom smelling fresh. The secret is behind the wall. Odours are extracted from inside the toilet bowl, purified through an active carbon filter and gently released again. The unit is neatly placed behind the flush plate, saving space and eliminating the need for any external or noisy extractor fans. The energy-saving odour extraction unit is activated by a touch of the button located on the upper edge of the Sigma40 flush plate and switches off automatically after 10 minutes. It can also be turned off manually.  The unit boasts an LED display which indicates when the carbon filter needs to be changed.



Geberit, as a pioneer and world leader, is well known for its water-saving, advanced plumbing and sanitary technologies. Founded in 1874, Geberit has built a reputation for sustainability, innovation, quality and reliability.

Contact www.geberit.co.za 


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