Tips for taps and basins

When one thinks of exceptional décor, it’s vital to consider all the individual pieces that come together to create an aesthetic and practical space. One of the many elements that go into creating a perfect bathroom or kitchen is something that we use everyday but often fail to recognise. Your kitchen sink – and the taps that go with it- should not only be stylish but functional too. Do you often think about dream kitchens and bathroom with those special statement mixers you’d love to have to complete the picture? Then why not put pencil to sketch pad and enter the 2015 Cobra Product Design Competition2015; you could walk away with R35 000 cash and the opportunity to have your mixer design brought to life by Cobra. This year’s competition will give you, the entrant an opportunity to choose between 2 exciting briefs. Both briefs will be judged using the same judging criteria and will be judged on a level playing field. This is your opportunity to bring forth your design philosophies and raise your voice in respect of bathroom and kitchen aesthetics and experiences. This will include the spectrum of product design that goes beyond the tap/mixer.   Be inspired here:

Full competition details can be found at: Contact:


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