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The Otter Brush Company: Making Bathroom Experiences More Pleasant

Many of us do things on a daily basis without thinking about them and just doing them the same way that they have always been done. We never consider that there may be a better, more efficient, or more pleasant, way of doing things.

If you consider the experience of going to the bathroom, which each of us do on most days, it became clear that the ‘toilet brush’ experience is particularly grim for about 7 different reasons, believe it or not. And the more people we spoke to, the more we found that EVERYONE agreed with us.

The Otter Brush Company has set about to improve ‘that brush’ experience in the most simple, but elegant of ways.

The team looked at the problems associated with the current brushes and set about to design a product that:
• Is hygienic and easily cleaned
• Is slightly taller so you don’t have to stoop, and it keeps trouble at arm’s length
• Eliminates the drips and the awful pool of water; and
• Has a beautiful aesthetic to enhance the appeal of the whole bathroom.

They then set out to give it an identity that was easy to remember, was clean and cute, thereby taking away that association with something dirty, unhygienic and hideous.

The team then packaged it in an amazing pyramid-shaped box which gives it the look and feel of an upmarket computer product.

The Otter is thus a revolutionary cleaner designed to keep your loo spotless in the most hygienic, elegant way. It is manufactured out of recyclable plastic parts, and has no metal in it, so it never discolours. The Otter paw blade is made from a silicon-like compound and is flexible yet firm, with a set of vertical fins on it to remove the tough debris.


The Otter can be easily cleaned with detergent if desired, but since it is easily rinsed in the bowl, should not require cleaning regularly. It is designed to last for many years.

Let this Otter loose in your Loo.

Where can you find one? Visit www.theotterbrush.com for more.

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